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Hey Everyone! Check out my interview on Nappturalite Radio (4/10/11) with Dawn Yerger. In this special episode titled "Artist Showcase," I discuss with Dawn my poetry, my natural hair journey, and my inspiration for writing and loving my profession.  


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Casarae L. Gibson, Spoken Word Artist

A Black Woman's Disguise Vol. 1 EP (2010): A compilation album of spoken word pieces inspired by my blog "A Black Woman's Disguise." 

Rock the Spoken Word (2010) Blog and livestream internet show on NappyMuseTV dedicated to known and unknown spoken word artists.  Check the show every Sunday (once a month) @6:30 EST/5:30CST/3:30PST

Active: 2007-Present

Interests included in my work: Black Arts Movement, Black Feminist Thought, Social and Economic plight of African Americans, Critical intersections of Race in the U.S. and abroad, Hip Hop as a cultural artform.


2007 Black Cultural Arts Festival, Purdue University

Theme: Memphis, Tennesses' The Blues, Cultural Musical Expression

 Performance(s): Black Woman, White Disguise

            The Ark of Blues dedicated to Henry Dumas (1934-1968)

           Tealorine Supreme performed with fellow memebers of Haraka Writers (HW)

           The Nerve of A Man

2008  Black Cultural Arts Festival, Purdue University

        Theme: New Orleans, Louisana What the Waters Couldn't Wash Away

        Performances (s): Lest We Forget, Remebering Katrina

                                  News Live from the French Quarters (a series of skits)

          American Studies Symposium, Purdue University

          Theme: What Defines Me? Reshaping the Black Woman's Soul

         Participated in a poetry panel titled Performance, Theory, and Methodology reciting three original poems.       
                               Black Woman, White Disguise

                               Life's Adversities 

                              A Black Woman's Feminity    

          Black Cultural Center, Purdue University 

          Event: Coffee House

          Performance: Life's Adversities

2009   College Language Association, Cambridge Maryland 

           Spoken Word Panel 

           Performance: Lest We Forget, Remembering Katrinia   

2009 Black Cultural Center, Purdue University                  
         Event: Coffee House, Fall 2009

         Performance: For A'll a Y'all with Haraka Writers

2009  Black Cultural Arts Festival, Purdue Universiy

        Theme: Bronx, New York 1520 Sedgwick Ave.

        Performance(s): A Star is Born (Female rap)

                                I Am the Truth and the Light performed with

                                Black Voices of Inspiration (BVOI)

                               Devaluing Hip-Hop Feminity 

2010  Club Tre Open-Mic, Leverage, Inc. Sacramento, California

          Performance(s): The Hip-Hop Feminist in Me                             

                              I am the Light of the World                                                      

2010 Havoc Boutique 2nd Saturday Open-Mic, Havoc Boutique, Sacramento, California

         Performance: Devaluing Hip-Hop Feminity

2010 Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, New York City

         Open Mic Night

         Performance: Reclamining Black Hip-Hop Feminity

2010 Dream.Develop. Do. Non-Profit Organization Sacramento, California

        Event:  Scholarship Banquet

        Performance(s): Black Woman, White Disguise

                            Living Life in Silence

2010 S.W.A.G non-profit video Sacramento, California

         Performance: When Hip Hop Left the Neighborhood

2010 NappyMuseTV live stream from facebook (For a re-run of the show click on the facebook tab)

        Performance (s): Conception

                            When Hip Hop Left the Neighborhood

                            Black Woman, White Disguise

 2010 A Splash of Color, non-profit organization D.R.E.A.M. and the Indiana Circle City Classic

  Lafayette Chapter

         Performance (s): When Hip Hop Left the Neighborhood

                                  Black Woman, White Disguise

                                   I Use to Love H.I.M. 

2010 Coffee House: A Celebration of The Black Power Movement 

         Performance: Black Power: What Can It Be?

2010 Revolution: Where's the Power? 2010 Cultural Arts Festival Performance 

          Performance (s): Black Power: What Can It Be?

                               The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized '10

2011 Haraka Fest: Let's Have a Toast

         Performance(s): Lady Day: Grasping the Blues  

                                  Haiku for Nana

         Interview: Nappturalite Radio of BlogTalk Radio with Dawn Yerger and Jaye Reliford 

         Performance(s): Pearls of Divine Self-Image  

                                 Black Woman, White Disguise

2011 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization: Philosophical Dialogue

between Africa and the Americas

Performance: Black Power: What Can It Be? 


2011 Post-Modern Blackness Course, Marlo David Ph.D., Purdue University 

 Performance: "Post-Racial Moment" to Erykah Badu's Soldier Instrumental (2008) 


2011 Black Graduate Association of Purdue University, Spoken Word Workshop 

Facilitator: Lead Spoken Word workshop for graduate students who love spoken word and want to write poetry. 

2012 Haraka After Dark: Spring Harakafest, Purdue University 

Performances: "Freaky Fantasy" with Roy Melton 

"Superficial Love" 

2012 "A HEAVing Whimsy" Variety Show, Purdue University's English Department 

Performance: "Freaky Fantasy" with Roy Melton